Getting A Bikini Wax? Here Are 5 Things You Must Never Do Before The Procedure

Bikini wax is a moderately painful procedure. Make sure you do not make any mistakes before it that might make it more painful.

Written by Kinkini Gupta | Updated : August 20, 2023 3:57 PM IST

All You Need To Know About Bikini Wax

Getting a bikini wax done is very common for women. It helps avoid problems like ingrown hairs, razor burns and breakouts. But, remember that the procedure is painful. Some people may have a high tolerance for pain and others my have gotten used to it. But, if it is your first time, here are some things you must not do hours before getting a bikini wax.

Do Not Apply Numbing Creams, Oils Or Lotions

Numbing creams may help but all creams are washed off right before the wax commences. Also, if you are allergic to the cream, the reaction may show up after the waxing is done. You must also not apply oil as waxing is easiest when the skin is dry. Also Read - Busting the Bubble: Doctor Dispels Common Myths Around CPAP Devices

Do Not Shave

Never shave before going to the salon for a bikini wax. It makes it twice as harder for experts to remove the hair and it will also be more painful for you.

Do Not Wear Uncomfortable And Tight Clothes

You would b the most comfortable in light and loose clothing when you go for a wax session. Remember, the point is to keep your nether region comfortable after the wax.