Gallbladder Inflammation: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Taking estrogen replacement therapy or birth control pills can increase the risk of having gallbladder inflammation. Symptoms of gallbladder inflammation you should know.

Written by Longjam Dineshwori | Updated : May 23, 2023 8:26 PM IST

Gallbladder Inflammation

The gallbladder is a pear-shaped organ and an important part of one’s digestive system. It is located beneath the liver and helps with the flow of bile, which helps to break down food. The gallbladder releases bile via bile ducts to the small intestine. Today, gallbladder problems have become a common problem worldwide, impacting the quality of life for millions of people. Gallstones, common bile duct stones, gallbladder cancer, cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder), perforated gallbladder, and even chronic gallbladder disease, are common occurrences, but serious problems, requiring timely intervention. Gallbladder inflammation may cause your gallbladder to burst and hence it shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. Here, Dr. Pratik Tibdewal, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road, tells us more about Gallbladder Inflammation, its causes, risk factors, symptoms and treatment options.

Family History

Aside from considering your family history, diabetes status, and smoking habits, these checkups can help assess your risk of cardiovascular disease and provide valuable insights on how to take care of your heart health.  Also Read - Embracing The Heart-Healthy Benefits Of Medicinal Plants

Causes Of Gallbladder Inflammation

It can happen due to gallstones that could block your cystic duct and stop the bile from exiting your gallbladder.


Certain antibiotic classes have increased the risk of cardiac arrest and irregular heartbeat.

Prevention Of Gallbladder Inflammation

Adopt healthy-eating strategies. Include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and avoid foods high in fat and cholesterol. Exercise without fail as it helps to lower cholesterol levels which in turn minimizes the chances of gallstones. Lose weight slowly and take the help of an expert, if required.  Also Read - Recognizing Different Symptoms Of Heart Disease In Blood Vessels