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When to replace your workout gear-- running shoes, sports bra and more!

Read to find out when you should upgrade your yoga mat.

Written by Tania Tarafdar | Updated : April 17, 2017 7:46 PM IST


When To Relplace Your Workout Gear

So you have been using the same running gear and garments for years. While you may think your workout gear is in the right shape, you definitely must not wear it for too long. Fitness expert Roshni Shah gives you an idea of when you should be getting a new one.


Running Shoes

Running shoes: If you are a regular runner, you should replace your running shoes after you have run every 350 to 500 miles. So this means that your running shoes will last you for around two months. Also Read - Lithium: Its Crucial Role In Bipolar Treatment


Sports Bra

Sports bra: Does your bra slide up when you raise your arms? It is time to toss it. If you are doing high-intensity workouts, your bra will last you for a year or less.


Compression Items

Compression items: You can wear your compression items like leggings and socks for six months to a year. They lose elasticity faster as they are constantly stretched when worn. Get rid of them if the fibres are coming out of the material or if they become loose and too easy to slide. Also Read - Do We Need To See A Doctor For A Common Cold?


Moisture-wicking Tops

Moisture wicking tops: Most synthetic clothes are chemically treated so you can wear them for 25 to 30 washes. However, depending on the material you are wearing it can last you anywhere from six months to one year.



Swimsuit: If you are a swimmer, your swimsuit can last you anything from six months to two years. If you start to see those tiny fibres and faded spots popping out, it is time to throw it. Also Read - 10 Basic Health Checkups For Women


Yoga Mat

Yoga mat: It is time to upgrade your yoga mat if it is not gripping and if you are no longer comfortable using it. Also, if your yoga mat does not provide enough cushioning and thins out too much, it is time to toss it.