8 ways to sneak more fibre into your diet

Can't lose weight? Maybe you are not getting enough fibre.

Written by Sandhya Raghavan | Published : November 1, 2017 2:00 PM IST



Constipated, hyperglycaemic and always hungry? If this sounds like you, better up your fibre intake. It keeps you full, helps you lose weight, improve your digestive health, keep your heart healthy and even prevent cancer. Unfortunately, most of our food we eat is stripped clean of its fibre and nutritional content. Unless you are really making a conscious effort to incorporate leafy greens, salads and fruit into your diet, chances are slim that you are getting enough fibre. But small dietary tweaks can help you counter this problem.



Top your food with flaxseeds: Add crunch to your meals by sprinkling a handful of roasted flaxseeds into your subzi, soups or rice preparations. It's high in fibre and nutritionally dense.



Make everything multigrain: Turn your regular flour-based foods multigrain by adding a mixture of healthy fibrous flours like jowar, ragi, buckwheat, amaranth, bajra, etc.


It is an essential ingredient in hummus, but its flavour can be overpowering if too much is added. Start with a smaller amount of tahini, and taste as you go. Then, adjust the quantity based on your preference and consistency.



Replace juice with whole fruits: Juicing destroys the fibre and adds to the sugar load. It's always better to eat the whole fruit for two reasons. One, it makes more sense fibre wise. And two, the fibre prevents your body from experiencing a sugar spike.