5 ways for women to de-stress at work with colleagues

Here are fun ways to beat stress at its own game at the workplace!

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Let’s face it. It’s too frustrating to wait till the end of the week to de-stress. Sometimes, when work gets to us, we just want to throw our hands up in the air, pack our bags and leave. Here are five tried and tested methods in which you and your colleagues can join hands and send that stress packing whence it came!

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Nail therapy: Keep a few bottles of your favourite nail polish in your drawer along with some cotton and a bottle of nail polish remover. It’s very relaxing to rant to your work buddy as she paints your nails. It’s therapeutic both for you and your colleague. Plus you will feel a lot lighter with pretty nails.  Also Read - World Retina Day: Preventive Measures To Manage Progressive Retinal Diseases

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Get a dart board: Improve your aim by throwing darts with your colleagues. For better results, replace the dart board with the face of an annoying client whom you all hate.

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Sing along: Break into impromptu song routine with colleagues. Crooning to songs together is a sure-shot way to instantly de-stress. But be sure to keep the volume down!  Also Read - World Lung Day 2022: All About The National Clean Air Program

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Group Pranayam: Turn your chairs away from your computer screens and perform deep breathing for five minutes together.

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De-clutter your workstations together: A cluttered workstation not only hurts to look at, but also adds to your stress. Imagine foraging through all those papers to find your pen drive! Get your work mates together and shred some of those old documents.  Also Read - World Lung Day 2022: All We Need To Do To Breathe Healthily

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Schedule 10-15 minutes for ranting: Fix a time during the day to rant to one other. Each person takes a minute or two to talk about her problem and then everybody gets on with their work.

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Quick exercises: Drop down and perform push ups with your colleagues or have a plank-off with them. The winner wins extra minutes during rant time.  Also Read - From Hair Damage To Smelly Skin, Swimming Can Have Unusual Effects On The Body