5 simple tips to prevent common skin problems in monsoon

Follow these simple tips to keep your skin infection-free this season!

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Monsoon Skin Tips

Rains bring along with it a barrage of skin infections. So this season, Dermatologist Amit Bhasin, managing director at Prive Skin and Wellness Clinic and Jatin Mittal, Homoeo-aesthetic Physician, shares few tips to help you prevent the common skin problems.

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Dry Skin

Always keep your skin dry as wet or moist skin ups the risk of skin infection, especially during monsoon. If you have a skin infection, use an anti-fungal powder to avoid any further infection.

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Wet Clothes

Don't wear wet clothes and make sure you change wet shoes instantly. As wearing wet clothes not only make you sick and up the risk of cold but also puts you at risk of fungal infections and skin diseases.

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Avoid getting drenched and always carry an umbrella. Even when drenched, you must immediately follow preventive measures because if left untreated, it can leave permanent scars on the skin.

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Wash your feet properly after reaching home or office as the dirt and mud due to rains can lead to skin infection. The nails and cuts on the skin can harbour bacteria, increasing your risk of infections.

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Women do not care to visit a dermatologist when it comes to common skin issues, instead visit a salon to find a solution. This is not right as a dermatologist would be able to give a medical solution to the problem.