7 reasons you should lift weights every day!

Not lifting weights at the gym? Reading this will change your mind.

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Benefits Of Lifting Weights

When you visit a gym, you will always spot some chiselled men or toned women lifting weights. The truth is, lifting weights can help you more than just be in shape. So lift weights daily and you will be rewarded.

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Lower Your Stress Levels

Whether you lift weights for 10 minutes or do the strength training moves for half an hour, lifting, weights can make you feel a lot calmer. The activity reduces stress by releasing the compound endorphin in your brain and uplifts your mood.

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Helps You Build Balance

Lifting weights can also be an excellent way to improve your balance through increased control and body awareness. So yes, the next time you try to perform a challenging yoga pose, you will be able to do it without much difficulty.

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Keeps You More Active

Whether you want to do some grocery shopping, carry your toddler or rearrange your house, lifting weights will help beat fatigue and keep you more physically active. You will never have to call anyone to help you out.

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Helps You Burn Fat

Lifting weights will melt your fats and help build muscles, help you lose the extra inches. Doing strength training exercises can improve your metabolism, so you end up burning fat even after the workout.

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Helps You Sleep Better

If you have had a great strength training session today, you will find it very easy to fall asleep. Lifting weights leads to constructive physical changes in your body that help you deal better with daily stress, so that you can sleep easily.

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Strength Training Can Double Up As Cardio

Only half an hour of strength training can double up as one hour of cardio session. Your heart rate will be at peak and you will also end up burning more calories.

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Makes Your Bones Strong

Strength training is just not a way to tone your muscles but also build your bones. In fact, lifting weights can be one of the best ways to curb osteoporosis.