Real women tell you healthy juices that relieve menstrual pain

Wheatgrass juice, sugarcane juice, watermelon juice+other juices to beat period pain.

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Pain during periods is quite common. Almost every woman has experienced pain during periods. While some prefer popping pills, other go the natural way to deal with it. Here are few healthy juices that have worked for women to fight period pain.

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Pomegranate juice: During my periods, I drink pomegranate juice as it not only helps me to stay on top of my health but also relieves period pain and leg pain, claims Mamta, a teacher by profession.

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Sugarcane juice: On my first day of periods, I make it a habit to drink a glass of sugarcane juice to relieve period pain and cramps, says 40-year-old homemaker, Lakshmi.

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Watermelon juice: Drinking a glass of watermelon juice a week before my periods really helps. This could be due to its vitamin B12 content, says Jeanelle.

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Wheatgrass juice: For Pooja, college student, wheatgrass juice is the ultimate home remedy to get rid of pain during menstruation. She drinks a glass of freshly prepared wheatgrass juice twice a week and every day during her periods to beat period pain.

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Beetroot juice: Keerti, IT Professional, says that I always start my day with a glass of beetroot juice during my periods. It is not only rich in iron but also refreshes my mood and energy.