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New to the gym and do not have a trainer? Follow these tips to get started

Follow these tips if you are new to gymming, or you may end up getting injured or falling sick.

Written by Tania Tarafdar | Updated : July 26, 2016 10:58 AM IST

Tips For First Timers At The Gym

Congratulations, you have taken the plunge to join a gym. But as newbies, you need to keep certain tips in mind before you hope on the treadmill and lift weights especially if you do not have a personal trainer. These tips by Sagar Pednekar, fitness expert Gold’s Gym India will help maintain your fitness enthusiasm for months to come.

Start Slowly

Start slowly: If you push yourself too hard at first, you may be forced to abandon your program because of pain or injury. It’s better to start slowly and progress gradually. Do not step on the scale too often as it is not going to show you immediate results.

Check Your Vitals

Check your vitals: It is important that you get your vitals such as your Body Mass Index (BMI) checked before you join any gym. It is also important that you get your blood pressure, and pulse rate checked before you take up any form of exercise.

Take A Shower

Take a shower after exercising: The amount of effort that goes into working out for long hours at the gym should be rewarded with a shower. Hygiene is one of the first things you should maintain when you workout at the gym. So do not forget to carry your personal towel and soap to the gym.  Also Read - Iron Deficiency And Mental Health: Is There A Link?

Don't Push Yourself Too Hard

Don’t push yourself too hard: Spending hours at the gym and trying to do too much may set you up as a failure. It will need too much recovery time leaving you feeling weak and frustrated. Always remember slow and steady wins the race.

Don't Lift Too Heavy

Do not lift heavy: A lot of people try and lift heavier weights than they can, thinking it will give them bigger muscles or make them stronger. While gradually increasing the weights is recommended, risking and raising a lot will only lead to injury that will spell doom for your plans on transforming your body.