Know the health benefits of quail eggs

Did you know that these small eggs can provide more nutrients than a normal chicken egg? Here are 5 health benefits of quail eggs you should know.

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Quail Eggs

Quail eggs are small in size as compared to normal chicken eggs. They have mysterious brown spots on their shells and according to various studies, are more nutritional than chicken eggs. In various parts of the world such as Japan, Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia quail eggs have been consumed as a delicacy. Also, these eggs are known to be cure for several ailments. In recent years, quail eggs have also been included in the space food. When you boil and peel quail eggs, they look similar to a mini chicken egg and even matches the taste. Quail eggs offers many health benefits which include, prevention from cough, bringing down risk of Terminal Illness, enhances hair quality and boosts your overall immunity system, that keeps flu and infections at bay. Here there are five health benefits that you can get, if you include quail eggs in your diet.

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Kidney Failure

Manages blood sugar and protects kidneys: If you’re a diabetic person, you’re at a much higher risk of a possible kidney failure. You should include quail eggs in your diet to curb down the risk of having a kidney failure. Regular consumption of quail eggs can help to keep your blood sugar levels in check. Also Read - Skincare Tips During Periods: Try These Amazing DIY Products For A Clear Skin During Your Cycle, Watch Video

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Cholesterol levels: Eggs and their association with high cholesterol levels have been a debatable topic over the years. Quail eggs carry high volume of fatty acid that can be good for your heart health by ensuring your cholesterol levels are ideal.

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Brain function: These eggs also carry amino acids that provides nutrients to your nervous system and further helps to enhance your brain’s agility and functions. According to experts, these acids boosts your memory as well as protect and repair brain cells.