Know about these positive things that happens to your body post workout

Written by Editorial Team | Published : February 25, 2019 8:54 PM IST


Working out is associated with better overall health, it involves movement of your muscle which in turn burns calories in your body. There are numerous types of workouts you can opt for such as swimming, running, weight-training and walking among others. Also, working out gives your various health benefits as well, it enhances your cardiovascular efficiency and boosts your bone density along with reducing your body fat. However, not many of you know that all of these benefits you can start to get after just one exercise session of your workout. Here, we share with you few positive things which happen to your body after just one workout session.


Better body image: People who start working out tend to witness significant improvements in their body as compared to those who do not workout. Various studies have mentioned that to feel better about your body type you should start working out.  Also Read - Plate to Progress: Leveraging Nutrition to Enhance PCOS Management


Reduces stress: In today’s day and age, everyone suffers from some kind of stress and exercising can help you to get relief from this stress. Just one training session can trigger cortisol production in your body which reduces the cortisol response later which could be caused due to various reasons such as public speaking.

Enhances Creativity

Meditation enhances creativity and creates a mental space as a breeding ground for creativity.