How to lose weight on a cheat day (5 things you should do)

Simple expert tips to help you lose weight even when you are having a cheat day or a cheat meal.

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Cheat Day

Having a ‘cheat day' is ok but overdoing cheat days or cheat meals will only undo all the good work you've put in during the week. It may also leave you feeling guilty for what you've done - not good for your mental well being! Back2Fitness founder and strength and conditioning coach Sam Yassin shares a few tips about having a ‘cheat day.'

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Eating clean comes with its difficulties, particularly when you're trying to fight against those unwanted sugar cravings. It's even more of a challenge not to eat everything and anything calorific in sight after waiting all week for your ‘cheat day' to arrive. So count your calories even on a cheat day.

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Many people think that ‘cheat days' are about cramming as many indulgent foods you can into one day. Instead, you should think about re-setting your mindset with a ‘flexible' (take note that it is not labelled as bad) meal so that you can go into the next week feeling ready and knowing that you've not overdone it.

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If a ‘cheat day' falls on a Friday, it's quite common for people to let it escalate into a weekend. But be mindful of the fact that it will take you a while to recover from the sugar come down. So eat in moderation and avoid overstuffing as it's a cheat day.

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A healthy diet should be well balanced so that you don't feel like certain ingredients are missing. Be clever with your choices by including substitutes in your day-to-day routine which have nutritional value and are also kind to your taste buds.

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Eating Out

If you do find that your cravings are more overbearing than subtle, it may be worth looking at your diet to see what you're lacking. One flexible meal should be enough to satisfy your cravings such as a dessert or a meal out at a restaurant.