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An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Health benefits of apples in pics

Written by Sameer Jha | Updated : November 28, 2014 9:36 PM IST


Apples Help Beat Diarrhoea And Constipation

Even though diarrhoea and constipation are two very different stomach ailments, apples can help counter both. The fibre present in apples can pull water out of your colon in case of constipation, and absorb excess water in case of diarrhoea.


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Apples Fight Cancer

Flavonoids, a chemical present in apples can help destroy cancer cells. However, you must make sure that you do not peel the apple, since most of the flavonoids are present in its skin.


Apples Help With Weight Loss

Eating an apple before having a meal, can be a great way to eat less. Containing just 50-80 calories, an apple does not have any fat or sodium. A Brazilian study even found that women who ate apples before their meals, lost 33% more weight than women who didn’t eat the fruit!


Apples Boost Your Immune System

Being rich in so many nutrients, apples can boost your immune system and keep you free from infections. In particular, a flavonoid called quercetin has been shown to significantly improve one’s immune system.  Also Read - 7 Symptoms of High Blood Pressure You Should Know


Apples Can Help Improve Memory

Eating an apple everyday can prevent the decline of a neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine thus improving your memory. A study also found that this property of an apple, can slow the mental decline found in people with Alzheimer’s.


Apples Keep Heart Disease At Bay

Pectin, a soluble fibre present in apples helps in absorbing cholesterol and thus reduces the chances of your arteries getting blocked. The fruit is also charged with antioxidants which serves the same purpose of fighting bad cholesterol. Also Read - Best Yoga Poses To Tone Your Butt


Apples Prevents Risk Of Stroke

According to a study conducted by Dutch researchers, people who consumed 171 grams of apple a day were 52% less likely to suffer from a stroke than those who consumed 78 grams or lesser.


Apples Make Your Teeth Whiter

Nobody likes stained teeth, and besides maintaining proper oral hygiene you could add apples to your diet for whiter teeth. Apple is crunchy to eat and has abrasive qualities which fights stains on your teeth.  Also Read - Breakfast Oats Recipes For Fast Weight Loss


An Apple A Day Can Keep The Doctor Away

You’ve heard the line forever now and must have dismissed it as an old wives’ tale. In this post, we tell you how this is actually true.