5 foods you should NEVER reheat

Do you reheat your favourite butter chicken? You have to read this.

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We often reheat the leftovers, without realising that not everything should be reheated and consumed. According to dietician Priya Kathpal, you should refrain from giving these foods a second go on the stove or the microwave as they can give you food poisoning, or something worse.

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Never reheat spinach as it can cause the nitrates present in the green vegetable to convert into nitrites and then nitrosamines, which is a possible carcinogenic.

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Turnip THS

Like spinach, turnip also contains a high amount of nitrates which can convert into nitrites and then nitrosamines when reheated.

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Eggs THS

Re-heating eggs can also cause a lot of digestive troubles. Eggs, especially, when boiled and scrambled, can become toxic when you expose them to high temperatures.

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Chicken THS

When you heat chicken for the second time, the composition of protein in it changes, which can cause digestive problems. So avoid reheating the chicken and instead put the stored chicken in a cold salad or sandwich.

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Mushrooms THS

Eat mushrooms right after you prepare them and try to finish it the same day. When you warm up mushrooms, there can be a change in the composition of protein, which can cause a variety of digestive problems.