Diwali Special: Try these healthy and tasty Diwali sweets!

Replace Kaju katli, motichoor laddoo and barfi with these healthy desserts this Diwali!

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Diwali Sweets

Diwali is all about ‘kuch meetha ho jaye’. So this Diwali instead of spending on chocolates or gorging on sugar-laden sweets from stores, why not make some simple sweets at home? Laddoos, barfi and shahi tukda -- our expert Deepshika Agarwal, Dietiician and nutritionist, shares healthy ways to make desserts at home this Diwali!

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Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda: Instead of frying bread in oil, dry roast it till it becomes crisp and then add it in milk. You can replace the regular white bread with whole-wheat or multigrain bread to up the overall nutrient intake.

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Wheat Flour Laddoo

Wheat flour ladoo: What can be the best way to pack nutrients in the desserts than having wheat flour laddoos? Packed with the wellness of wheat flour, dry fruits like almonds and cashews and jaggery, it is not just tasty but also healthy.

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Coconut Barfi

Coconut barfi: To add a healthy twist to the sugar-laden coconut barfi, you can opt for jaggery and mawa to make it slightly low in calories. The taste and sweetness will be intact. If you don’t like it in the barfi form, you can make coconut laddoos.

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Rajgira Laddoo

Rajgira ladoo: Rajgira is not only healthy but also tasty as it is high in fibre. To make the laddoos, you need rajgira and jaggery. Mix it properly and start making laddoos when warm.

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Dates And Oats Barfi

Dates and oats barfi: Another healthy alternative is to add oats and cornflakes to dates. It also increases the nutrient content due to oats and cornflakes along with adding a crunchy twist to the laddos.

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Til Laddoo

Til laddoo: If you are one of those health conscious people, then ditch motichoor laddoos and bondi laddoos and enjoy iron-rich sesame laddoos. Til, jaggery and groundnuts, is all you need to make this healthy laddoo.

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Dry Fruit Laddoo

Dry fruits barfi: If you are planning to enjoy the richness of dry fruits this Diwali then, a mix dry fruits barfi is what you shouldn’t miss! Dry roast all the dry fruits -- cashew, walnut, ground nut, pista, almonds, dates and figs to make this barfi.