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Calorie count of your favourite coffee

The next time you order coffee, consider the calories it comes with.

Written by Bhakti Paun Sharma | Published : August 6, 2015 3:24 PM IST


Calories In Coffee

Coffee and conversations; and then some extra calories and endless efforts to burn those! Have you ever considered how many calories your favorite frappe or cappuccino carries? If you are on a weight loss regimen, then you must think twice before you place your next order. Also, 1tsp of regular sugar = 11.9 cal while a teaspoon of brown sugar = 11.4 cal and sweeteners or sugar substitutes have only 1.7 cal. So consider adding them to your coffee to reduce the calorie intake. Read on to know which is your safest bet.


Cold Coffee With Ice Cream

Frappuccino with non fat milk without whipping cream: This comes as a relief after those calorie packed drinks. Imagine how much difference non-fat milk and avoiding the whipping cream can make. A glass equals 68.5 cal.



Mochaccino: Another top favourite of those who don’t like their coffee very strong. This chilling caffeine shot will add 273.4 calories per glass.


Calories In Cappuccino

Cappuccino: Who doesn’t fancy a steaming cup of cappuccino on a rainy day? But that one cup may just take almost 15 minutes of exercise to burn it. Avoid sugar in that cup. 1 cup of cappuccino = 111.1 cal


Calories In Mocha

Mocha: If you are a fan of hot milk based coffees, then mocha is the best bet. 1 cup mocha = 60 cal. Avoid the sugar and you won’t regret sipping a cup every alternate day either.