6 Buddha Bowl recipes that make for great lunchbox ideas

Buddha Bowl is slated to be the biggest food trend of 2017. Take inspiration from this nutritious and beautiful-looking healthy food trend.

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Buddha Bowl is slated to be the biggest food trend of 2017 and we can totally get as to why. A Buddha Bowl is essentially a healthy and nutritious mix of vegetables, grains and protein. Plus, they look totally Instagram-worthy. The best part part is that Buddha Bowls require very little effort, time and are easy to make at home. Here are some healthy Buddha Bowl recipes you can try!

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This Buddha Bowl is a delicious raw mix of raddish, Romanesco broccoli, avocadoes, carrots, tomatoes, spinach and some boiled and seasoned chickpeas. Bonus points for uniform slices and strategic placement of ingredients.

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This Buddha Bowl is healthy mix of high protein and carbs. Avocados, boiled eggs, raddish, arugula and cous cous.

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You can even combine fruits and vegetables in Buddha Bowls. Like this one has a handful of fresh raspberries with arugula, barley, carrots, yellow pepper and cucumber.

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Toss up raw vegetables-- cauliflower, tomatoes, avocado, lemon slices, mesclun, beetroot with some boiled sweetcorn chickpeas and barley.

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Though most Buddha Bowls are vegetarian, you are free to innovate. Sauteed and seasoned prawns with avocados, spinach, broccoli, red pepper and brown rice.

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Here is a perfect healthy lunchbox idea. Put some quinoa, tomatoes, avocados and roast chicken on a bed of mixed greens. Season and serve with lemon slices.