6 BEST exercises to get rid of arm fat at home

These are the classic exercises to tone flabby arms. Try them out.

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Reduce Arm Fat

Is the arm fat your problem area? Don’t worry, you don’t need to take a gym membership and empty your pocket. Try these effective exercises that are not only easy, but can be done at home!

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Arms Circle

Arms circles are one of the most classic exercises to tone flabby arms. Stand with your arms extended to your sides and your feet apart. Now make small circles with your hands by rotating them in the forward direction. Make 50 small circles forwards and then backwards.

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Scissors can help burn the arm fat extremely fast. Stretch your arms to the sides of your body and bring them to the front. Your right hand should overlap the left. Stretch. Repeat with your left hand overlapping the right. Do ten reps of this three times every day.

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Triceps Dip

The triceps dip primarily focuses on back portion of arms where fat gets deposited. Sit with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands behind your hips with your fingers pointing towards your back. Straighten your arms and raise your hips off the floor. Bend your right elbow as close to the floor, straighten arms, and bend your left elbow. Repeat on alternate sides.

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Push Up

Push-ups are perhaps one of the best workouts to get toned arms and core. Perform push-ups by balancing on your hands and knees, not hands and toes. For best results, do ten sets of 3 repetitions every day.

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Chair Dips

Chair dips will not only help reduce fat from your arms but also back muscles. Face away from the chair and place your palms on it. Keep your upper body straight and move three to four steps away from the chair. Bend your elbows and knees and move your entire body towards the ground. Come back to starting positions. Do 20 reps of this every day.

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Weight Lifting

Lifting weights is the most popular exercise to reduce fat from your arms. And no, you don’t need a pair of dumbbells; you can simply use your water bottle and workout. Hold a water bottle and lift it over your head. Keep your arms straight and then lower the weight and take it behind your back. Do 20 to 30 reps.