World Sleep Day 2018: Are you sleeping in the right position?

Here are few poor sleeping positions (with tips on how to sleep the right way).

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Your sleeping position can reveal a lot about your mind and body. However, sleeping in the wrong position can lead to back, neck and spine problems in the long run. Here are few worst sleeping positions and tips on how to sleep the right way to prevent these health complications.

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Sleeping on the back: Sleeping on your back with your head at an angle and legs straight can put pressure on the back. Instead, use a round pillow at the neck which eases pressure on the back and helps you with a good night's sleep. Also Read - 7 Tips To Keep In Mind Before Beginning Your Yoga Journey

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Back And Neck

Sleeping on the back: If you are not comfortable with placing a pillow under your knees, you can try using orthopaedic pillows at the back and knees to prevent back problems. This not only relieves the pressure but provides support to the back.

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Spine And Neck

Sleeping sideways: If you have a habit of sleeping sideways then remember to put a pillow between your legs along with using a pillow to support your head. If not done so, it can strain the neck and the spine increasing risk of spinal problems. Also Read - Know Everything About Your Diabetes Risk Score By Nutrition Expert

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Tummy And Neck

Sleeping on the tummy: It is one of the worst sleeping positions to try. This is because, it puts pressure on the chest and also creates an unnatural curve in the back. In the long run, you are at risk of neck, back and spinal complications.