Aqua workouts -- a fun way to lose weight on a hot day!

Next time you are in the pool, forget swimming and try these new aqua workouts!

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Aqua Workouts

In a country like India where it is hot most times of the year, working out may not always be pleasurable. But imagine if you could do your workouts in the pool – how fun would that be! Fitness-expert Kiran Sawhney talks about trying the aqua-variations of regular exercises for a fun-filled workout session.

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Aqua Kickboxing

Aqua kickboxing: It involves kicks, jabs, punches and more. Kickboxing itself is a very high energy workout, and when done in water, it becomes a mammoth workout. It uses all major muscles and burns lots of calories.

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Aqua Pilates

Aqua pilates: Pilates focuses on the core. The same workout done in water is exceptional for the core, strengthening the back and toning the abs. You can do side lying crunches and stretches in water. Sometimes you can hold the side railing or wall of the pool.

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Aqua Yoga

Aqua yoga: Yoga involves a lot of stretches – which get much easier when done in water. The buoyancy helps people who usually cannot lift their leg up. So, a lot of standing postures like tree pose and warrior pose can be done easily in the pool. It also improves your balance.

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Aqua Tai Chi

Aqua chi: Tai chi, when done in water, is extremely soothing and relaxing. It is the best meditation. Imagine doing it with the sound of the water waves. It is great for strengthening too.

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Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics: You can jog, jump, skip, hop, do full aerobics in water and burn some calories while you’re in the pool.