5 alkaline foods you should eat for a healthy body. Try the alkaline diet today!

Include these alkaline veggies in your diet to maintain your body's pH balance and to keep diseases at bay!

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Although experts pooh-pooh the whole acid-alkali diet myth, the ones who swear by the Alkaline Diet will tell you that you should definitely give it a shot. Health nuts all over the world are going bonkers over the Alkaline Diet, chomping on healthy greens, whole fruits and grains to maintain the pH balance of the body. Whether the Alkaline diet works or not is open to debate. But if you want to eat the trend, include these five expert-recommended vegetables that can have an alkalising effect on your body says dietician Geeta Shenoy.

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Beets: Juice, steam it, pickle it or simply eat it raw. The nutritious beet ranks very highly in the list of alkaline vegetables. Also Read - Ayurvedic Treatment To Improve Eye Sight: Know How To Make Vision Better As Per Ayurveda, Watch Video

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Cucumbers: The cool cucumber is a joy to chomp on during the hot summer months. Make a cool cucumber soup or a tangy salad to reap the many health benefits of the cucumber.

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Kale: Kale is super food no doubt! But it also has awesome alkalising properties. Rustle up a salad or bake them into chips: they are delicious both ways! Also Read - Anxiety In Children With Cancer: How Can It Impact Mental Well-Being?

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Spinach: Spinach is an amazing leafy veggie that can’t seem to do any wrong! Already a powerhouse of iron and calcium, spinach is also a darling of the alkali world.

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Gourd Vegetables: Ok, doodhi and karela make you want to run in the opposite direction. But gourd vegetables have tremendous alkalising powers. Don’t frown! Eating gourds isn’t as terrible as it sounds. Think doodhi halwas and karela chips!  Also Read - International Day Of Older Persons 2022: 5 Lifestyle Tips For Healthy Aging