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Alfalfa sprouts: 6 health benefits of these microgreens

Ever seen these microgreens in the market? Alfalfa sprouts have tons of health benefits and should be a part of your daily diet.

Written by Upneet Pansare | Updated : September 5, 2018 5:12 PM IST


Alfalfa Sprouts Health Benefits

Alfalfa sprouts is a type of microgreens. Alfalfa sprouts are popularly consumed in salad and as a sabzi. Sold in small bunches in, these sprouts come loaded with a variety of health benefits. It is slightly bitter in taste. Both the leaves and the tender white stems are eaten. These local microgreens are a must in your daily diet because of its medicinal benefits. It is highly nutritious because of a number of essential nutrients in it. Just make sure to clean the leaves thoroughly before eating.


Muscle Repair

Just lifting weights in the gym is not enough to build muscles, what nutritional choices you make to refuel your body is equally important to get the desired results. Have you heard about muscle-building foods? Compound exercises like barbell squats, the bench press, and the overhead press are the king when it comes to bulking up. These exercises work multiple muscle groups at a time. But without proper nutritional support, your progress will freeze. While protein is very important for gaining muscle, carbohydrates and fats can provide energy. Certain foods can promote the growth and recovery of muscles after a strenuous workout. Remember, hydration is an important part of building muscle as your muscle tissue is made up of around 75-percent water. Further, keeping your body hydrated will improve digestion by detoxifying your organs as well as protect your joints. Here are top muscle-building foods that’ll make your sweat sessions worth it.


Boosts-cardiovascular Health

Alfalfa reduces triglycerides and LDL, improves HDL levels. It contains beneficial saponins. Saponins inhibit fatty acid synthesis, which increases the ratio of HDL cholesterol to LDL cholesterol, and it can be effective in reducing cardiovascular complications of diabetes.


Liver Health

Studies have shown that alfalfa can cause reconstruction of damaged liver and pancreatic cells.