A yoga flow that will guarantee stronger orgasms in women

These moves will tighten and tone your pelvic muscles giving you deeper, longer and stronger orgasms during sex.

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Yoga Flow For Stronger Orgasms In Women

You know that yoga can help you connect with your body and reduce overall stress and anxiety. But did you know yoga can work wonders for your sex life too? With specific movements, you can tighten and tone your pelvic muscles for deeper, longer and stronger orgasms. So give your sex life a major boost with these yoga flow curated by yoga expert Pragya Bhatt.

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Parsvakonasana or warrior II pose with hands extended: This asana not only strengthens your pelvic floor muscles but also balances your sexual hormones thus giving you better control over orgasms. Also Read - World Retina Day: Preventive Measures To Manage Progressive Retinal Diseases

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Utkatasana or the chair pose: As you tilt your hips forward, you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles in this asana, strengthening those muscles and also torching calories from your lower body at the same time.

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Dhanurasana or bow pose: This asana will build your pelvic floor muscles that will lead to more satisfying sex. Performing this asana will also help increase your flexibility so that you can easily get into any sex position. Also Read - World Lung Day 2022: All About The National Clean Air Program

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Virabhadrasana or warrior II pose: This asana increases your flexibility and endurance to try more sex positions and thus get stronger orgasms. This asana will help build flexibility in the groin area as well.

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Kandharasana or shoulder pose: If you want to really steam things up between the sheets this asana is for you. This asana will help you get in more in touch with your sexuality and improve blood flow to your genitals, giving you stronger orgasms.  Also Read - World Lung Day 2022: All We Need To Do To Breathe Healthily