5 amazing health benefits of coconut

Coconut is savoured not just for the highly nutritious water, easily available on roadsides, but also its flesh. And, the entire package comes loaded with nutrients so essential for good health.

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Coconut is popular not just for its water but also for the rich and slightly sweet kernel. Today, it has become indispensable for most of south east Asia, where it is used to flavour many savoury dishes. You can enjoy coconut in many forms. Most people use it for its water, milk, oil and meat. It is nutritious and packed with copper, iron, selenium, antioxidants and vitamin B. However, it has a high fat content. This fruit is good for bone health and the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and cholesterol. It also protects cells and helps in formation of red blood cells. Let us check out some amazing health benefits of coconut.

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Weight Loss

It aids in weight loss: Coconut has a very high fat content. But it is good for weight loss. Sounds contradictory, right? Actually, the medium-chain triglycerides in coconut aids in weight loss. Coconut meat contains carbs, protein and minerals like manganese, copper, iron and selenium.

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It boosts heart health: People from the Polynesian islands hardly every suffer from any heart diseases. They also eat a lot of coconut. Coconut oil reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes. It improves cholesterol levels and help in getting rid of abdominal fat.

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Blood Sugar

It keeps blood sugar under control: Since coconuts are rich in fibre, it may help in keeping your blood sugar levels stable. It has a low carbs content and is rich in amino acids. It is a rich source of healthy fats. All this makes it the perfect food for diabetic patients.

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It is packed with antioxidants: Coconut meat contains phenolic compounds. These are antioxidants that protect cells from oxidative damage. It helps your body fight the damage caused by free radicals. It contains polyphenols that reduce the risk of heart disease. It also protects cells from damage and death caused by oxidative stress and chemotherapy.

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Versatile Coconut

It is a versatile food: You can have it raw or cooked. It can be shredded, chopped or diced. You can also add it to curries, stews, rice and various other dishes. If you like baking, add it to your cakes and cookies. Or you can use it in flour form, which is gluten-free.