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6 reasons you have failed to tone your butt

It could be because you are exercising wrong. Find out what is the right way to do it.

Written by Tania Tarafdar | Published : October 12, 2016 2:47 PM IST


Reasons Why You Could Not Lose Weight From Your Butt

You do lunges and squats regularly but still do not see the sculpted buttocks you set out to tone? You could be making a few mistakes when it comes to shaping your rear. Fitness expert Roshni Shah tells you what they are.


You Do Not Perform Barbell Hip Thrusts

You do not perform barbell hip thrusts: If you are working hard for a toned butt, you must perform barbell hip thrusts. Squats only work on your lower glutes, but barbell hip thrusts work both on your upper and lower glutes.


You Are Not Eating Protein

You are not eating protein: A proper diet not only means avoiding processed foods and not downing too many calories but it also means eating enough to fuel your exercise. You need protein for muscle repair and including lean protein in each meal can do the trick.


You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

You do not get enough sleep: Not getting enough sleep can negatively impact your muscle recovery and metabolism so you do not end up losing any fat from your backside. So make sure that you prioritise your sleep. Also Read - 7 Symptoms of High Blood Pressure You Should Know


You Are Overexercising

You are over exercising: Your body needs rest as much as it needs exercise. The recovery period is crucial for fat loss. It is important to realise your limitation and fitness capacity. Ideally, workouts should not exceed more than 5 to 6 hours per week.