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6 push-up variations for a killer body!

There are various variations of push-ups that can make the exercise much more intense!

Written by Editorial Team | Updated : July 6, 2015 11:50 AM IST



Push-ups are one of the most well-known forms of exercise. They can be done anywhere and everywhere (well, doing them openly on a railway station or office isn’t something we recommend), and help you get a ripped chest, triceps and shoulders. Did you know that there are various variations of this classic exercise that can increase the intensity of the workouts?


Knuckle Push-ups

Knuckle push-ups: This variation is often done by fighters to make the skin on their knuckles tougher. It’s like a normal push-up, only instead of your palms, you use your knuckles to support your upper body weight.


One-handed Push-ups

One-handed push-ups: Another incredibly tough variation of the push-up, the one-handed push-up is done with one hand on the floor, and the other hand behind your back. When attempting this push-up, make sure you consult some experienced trainer, as a lot of people tend to make errors that can really damage their arm or back.  Also Read - All Contraceptive Pills Slightly Increase Risk of Breast Cancer: Study


Dive Bomber Push-ups

Dive bomber push-ups: One of the commonly known variations of push-ups, dive bomber push-ups are tougher than normal push-ups but they don’t require the level of expertise that doing clap push-ups or one-handed push-ups requires. In a dive bomber push-up, instead of bringing your body down in a straight motion, you glide your chest forward as if you were slipping under a bar.


Elevated Leg Push-ups

Elevated feet push-ups: This is another relatively simple variation of the push-up. In this variation, instead of putting your feet on the ground, you put them on an elevated surface like a bench or a chair. The variation works out your chest and shoulders even more intensely.  Also Read - Sugar-Free Cocktails: 9 Refreshing Summer Drinks For Diabetics


Handstand Push-ups

Handstand push-ups: Handstand push-ups require a lot of balance along with skill, and is something that Hrithik Roshan asked Priyanka Chopra to do as a bang-bang dare. In this variation, you have to push yourself from the ground while in a handstand position.