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5 weight loss tips that actually work (Gallery)

There is just so much info about weight loss out there it can get confusing to figure out what to follow. Here are some tips by an ex-glutton which actually worked in the real world.

Written by Nirmalya Dutta | Updated : February 28, 2015 11:52 PM IST


5 Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

Obesity isn\'t that hard to beat but there is just so much information (many of it false) out there that it can get very confusing. Here are five weight loss tips for you that actually work and has helped a obese guy lose 40 kg in nine months.


Accept Your Problem

It’s not just about looking good, obesity will kill you. It will give you heart disease, type 2 diabetes or joint problems. If you’re a guy, the excess cholesterol build-up will give you erectile dysfunction and is also likely to increase infertility in both sexes. That’s not how we were meant to live our lives. So stop listening to what others say about obesity and accept you’ve a problem. And obesity is not a sign of prosperity; it just means you are a glutton. Also Read - Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction: Breathing Difficulty After A Run Could Be A Warning Symptom of Exercise Induced Asthma


Stop Believing In Fad Diets

I lost 40 kg in 9 months and I did it without any crash dieting. I didn’t take weight loss pills, nor did I follow a fad diet. All I did was exercise and eat healthy. There are thousands of crash diets out there which will help you lose say 5-10 kg in a week but then the weight will come back when you stop following that diet. I’ve seen scores of people who lose a lot of weight but then gain it all back once they stop dieting. Read more about Fad is bad!


Up The Ante Gradually

I was extremely lucky to have a trainer who knew that you can’t push fat people too much or you’ll end up disheartening them. When I went to the gym, my trainer Anil Bailu (a former Mr Maharashtra) started me off slow, not making me do more exercise than my body could handle. Every week, I would do weight training thrice a week and cardio for six days. In the beginning, that would only consist of 15-20 minutes sessions of mild walking, because he knew that my obese body couldn’t take more. Gradually, as I lost weight, he upped the ante, increased the cardio time and I started lifting heavier weights as well. So don’t overdo it and have patience, the results will come. Also Read - Beware! COVID Is Mutating, BW.1 Variant Has The Ability To Ditch Immunity, Experts Warn Against Leniency


Weight Loss Products Don’t Work

If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Simply put, all weight loss products are shams. Most weight loss pills are caffeine-loaded pills which just allow you to exercise longer. Some of them make you really edgy and angry as well. And some of them like DNP are downright dangerous and can be fatal. Read more about Slimming pills takes UK student’s life The sauna belts and meal replacement shakes too are useless, they just do not work. They are just shams to scam vulnerable people, like penis enlargement pills. The only way to lose weight is to eat a healthy diet and exercise. There are no two ways about it.



The most important thing I can tell you is believe in yourself. You are obese because you’ve eating unhealthy for years. In the same way, you can lose weight by making the right choices. There might be some genetic predisposition that still doesn’t inhibit your ability to control your own actions. If I could do it with a metal plate in my leg so can you. So stop complaining, get off your butt and just eat right (you will get plenty of ideas on our healthy recipes section) and exercise. It’s that simple. Read more about Fat to fit- losing weight the right way  Also Read - 7 Symptoms of High Blood Pressure You Should Know