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5 homemade fruity popsicles for summer

Yummy popsicles that have the goodness of fruits and ice minus sugar and other harmful ingredients!

Written by Editorial Team | Updated : May 23, 2018 4:42 PM IST



It's convenient to step into an ice cream parlour and buy a popsicle to cool yourself this summer. But think of all the sugar and other harmful ingredients you and your children will be putting in your body. What if you could create delicious healthy popsicles that are not just packed with fruits but also look super attractive! Here are some tried and tested popsicle recipes we tried and loved!


Watermelon Popsicle

The super hydrating watermleon is easily available in summer. Just whisk a few watermelon cubes in a mixer, add honey and pour into popsicle moulds. Freeze for about 3-4 hours and you're done!  Also Read - 5 Dos And Don'ts For Parenting Your Teenager


Mango Popsicle

The king of fruits can be eaten in so many ways-- chopped, milkshake, amrakhand and lassi. Try making mango popsicles by whisking mangoes in a mixer with a bit of condensed milk. Pour into moulds and freeze.


Lemon Popsicle

Nothing better than a tall, cool glass of lemonade this summer? Wrong! Just make healthy lemonade with lemon juice and honey and pour in moulds and freeze. You could also add a few chopped pudina leaves.  Also Read - Know The Effects Of Stress And Bad Mental Health On Hair


Banana Popsicles

Banana popsicles can be made simply by inserting a popsicle stick in a banana and covering it in chopped almonds. Freeze this for about 1-2 hours and eat immediately!