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4 effective exercises for obese people

Written by Tania Tarafdar | Published : November 12, 2014 11:52 AM IST


Exercise For Obese

Exercising can be a real challenge for people who are obese. The extra weight can make movements impossible and uncomfortable. Therefore, obese people should follow a workout program that is low-impact and easy to execute.


Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is a great option for obese people as it is a low-impact workout which means it hardly puts any pressure on the joints. Apart from that, it is a good cardiovascular activity and helps burn fat especially around the waist and belly. Also, obese people often find it easier to climb and ride a cycle indoors as it requires less balance when compared to a conventional cycle. Also Read - How To Choose The Right Health Insurance Cover - Things To Keep In Mind



Walk to burn calories and to improve the health of your heart. Obese people should walk slowly as it lowers the risk of injuries to the joints as compared to brisk walking. Simply walking up and down the stairs can also help you burn a lot of calories.


Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical trainer works on your upper body very well and gives you a full body workout. This machine engages the muscles of the hamstrings, glutes, calves, arms, back and chest, burning a lot of calories. Incorporate at least one workout on an elliptical trainer in your weekly exercise routine to lose fat efficiently. Also Read - Coping With Osteoporosis Chronic Pain? 3 Expert Tips To Manage



If gymming and cardio is too difficult for you, try swimming. Swimming can provide a full body workout besides burning fat and calories. It is perhaps the best way to exercise for obese people as it alleviates stress on the joints and virtually engages every muscle in the body.