10 sugar bombs you should avoid! (Gallery)

We may unknowingly be consuming sugar through various food items. Check out this list of 10 such items.

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It contains artificial colours or a sodium benzoate preservative to prolong shelf life. It also has a lot of sugar resulting in hyperactivity, mood swings and poor performance in the long run. Chemicals and preservatives in it increase wheezing leading to coughs colds and asthma attacks.

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Soft Drinks/Colas

These contain high levels of sugar, caffeine and amino acids which cause heart rate and blood pressure to be raised. Drinking colas is directly linked to type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases. Even the so called ‘diet colas’ contain artificial sweeteners which have huge side-effects. All the carbonated drinks contain carbon dioxide which is mixed with the drink under pressure which gives it the fizz. Carbon dioxide is the end product of metabolism which the body tries to throw out. So, it’s not possible to remain healthy by ingesting it which turns acidic in the body. For good health, the body needs an alkaline environment. Excess caffeine results in seizures, diabetes and mood/behavioural problems.

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Doughnuts, Cupcakes, Muffins

These have high calorie and carbohydrate content. For example, a doughnut contains 300 calories added with lots of sugar, fats and white flour and they are fried which means saturated and trans fats which can increase cholesterol and the risk of heart diseases. All kinds of muffins, cupcakes contain high amounts of sugar and mostly white flour.

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Flavored Yoghurt

It comes in a variety of mouth-watering flavours, often contains no fruit in it but sugar with artificial fruit flavours. A lot of these contain the pureed fruit with lots of sugar in it which gets stored as fat. These are marketed as healthy/fat-free products, but they still are a hidden source of high-calorie food. Flavoured foods also have high sodium content. Choose plain yogurt and add fresh fruit as a topping instead.

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Fruit Juices

Whether fresh or packaged, juice is not something one should be drinking. A 250 ml glass would be equal to having 10 spoons of sugar even when no sugar has been added giving a very high sugar rush which can cause burst of energy which will drop immediately causing fatigue , lethargy and irritability. There is absolutely no fibre so doesn’t keep you full. A 250 ml glass of orange juice would have at least 5-6 oranges. If you eat 5-6 oranges you would be full, but if you have a glass of orange juice you would yet want to eat more. So it’s better to eat the fruit than drink the juice.

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The process of making tomato ketchup is taking tomatoes and cooking them down, straining the seeds and skin and then cooking again for several hours on high heat which eliminates all the good vitamins and minerals that tomatoes actually contain. The sugar and sodium content in them is extremely high. It also has corn syrup which is linked with increasing rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

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Food Labelled ‘sugar-free’ Or ‘diet’

Artificial sweeteners and other sugar substitutes are found in a variety of foods and beverages which are being marketed as ‘sugar-free’ or ‘diet’ in soft drinks. Lots of artificial sweeteners have side-effects but sucralose based ones are considered safe. They do not leave a bitter after-taste. Unfortunately, they do not help you kick out the craving for sweet. Sucralose is one of the sweeteners that tastes identical to sugar and can be used at its replacement.

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Sugary Products You Should Avoid For Your Health’s Sake!

You know sugar is bad for your health as it causes weight gain, sudden bursts of energy and lethargy. But, only eliminating it from your cup of tea isn’t enough. There are various items that contain sugar in other forms. Leading nutritionist and obesity consultant Naini Setalvad lists 10 such sugary products one needs to avoid.

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It is a common sweetener in sodas, sherbats and fruit flavoured drinks. It is sweeter and cheaper than regular sugar and is in every processed food. It contains chemical toxins. Too much sugar can cause weight gain so if you want to stay healthy and lose weight, the most important thing is to eliminate high fructose syrup from your diet.

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Sugar-coated Cereals

Frosted sugar cereals and even chocolate flavoured breakfast cereals contain sugar or fruit sugar or honey making it unhealthy and one addicted to sweet taste. They contain tons of extra, empty calories from sweeteners and flavouring. If an unsweetened cereal tastes bland, you can add fresh fruits and dry fruits to improve the taste and nutritional value.

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Energy Drinks

Are commonly sold to provide a boost of energy which contains high levels of caffeine and also additives that act as stimulants which can lead to irregular sleep patterns, anxiety, and elevation in blood pressure. The high caffeine content and stimulant effect can prevent a person from becoming sleepy but it does not quicken reaction time or motor skills.