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10 red coloured foods for effective weight loss

Want to lose weight in a healthy way? Include these red food items in your diet.

Written by Kriti Saraswat | Updated : January 15, 2015 5:58 PM IST



Apple: Apples not just keep the doctors away but also help in losing weight. They are low in calories – a medium-sized apple has about 50-70 calories and 4.4g of fibre content. This helps in keeping your tummy full. According to a Brazilian study, women who ate an apple before their meals lost 33% more weight than women who did not.


Red Chilli

Red chilli: Have hunger pangs all day long? Include red chillies in your diet. They help suppress appetite and also burn more calories. But make sure you do not eat too many of them as well. 1-2 red chillies are enough.



Tomato: Even if you consume 100g of tomatoes, you just add about 18 calories! Unbelievable but true. This is how tomatoes aid in weight loss. In addition to this, they add a distinct flavour to any kind of meal. You can have it as a salad, make a curry, pasta sauce, gravies, etc.



Beetroot: Beet does not contain fat which makes it an excellent choice for people who want to lose weight. Also, the fibre content helps lower cholesterol and keeps you full for longer as it is energy dense in nature.



Pomegranate: This fruit helps in lowering blood pressure and aids digestion but it is also great for weight loss. Though pomegranate has small seeds, it is rich in fibre which makes you feel full even if you eat a handful or less.


Red Wine

Red wine: Now it may not directly help in weight loss, but red wine contains resveratrol, a bio-compound which helps improve your exercise and training performance. According to a study done in University of Alberta, high doses of this compound boost physical performance. But limit your red wine intake to one glass every day.  Also Read - 5 Dos And Don'ts For Parenting Your Teenager