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10-minute exercise routine for the lazy bum to lose weight

This 10-minute easy workout will target the muscles of your entire body. Try it out!

Written by Tania Tarafdar | Updated : June 23, 2016 5:43 PM IST

10-minute Workout To Lose Weight

So you can’t make it to the gym these days? If you are too lazy to get yourself moving or on a holiday, the best idea is to keep your exercise routine short. Ganesh Sakpal, fitness expert Gold’s Gym India shares a 10-minute, short yet intense, workout that will work your entire body and yes you do not have to push yourself much.

Upward Facing Dog

Upward facing dog: You can get a firmer everything in the upward dog stretch. Hold for 20 seconds as you open your chest towards the sky. Repeat it thrice.

Dolphin Plank

Dolphin plank: While dolphin plank requires a little extra strength, it will challenge your core while toning your hamstrings and butt. Try to hold the plank for a minute. If you fall off in between, get back to the plank position again.

Reclining Hamstring Stretch

The reclining hamstring stretch is an excellent way to stretch your hamstrings and back at a time. Do it on alternate sides 12-15 times. You will be able to complete it in a minute.