Exertion Headaches: Identify The Common Symptoms

This kind of headache can be experienced particularly with activities that involve tensing the abdominal muscles or activities that increase pressure on the chest.

Written by Kashish Sharma | Updated : May 24, 2023 8:01 AM IST

Physical Activities Can Cause Pain

While stress and other underlying health conditions often become a cause of headaches, some people engaging in some physical activity might also experience it. Yes, some headaches can happen with exertion.

Last Seconds To Minutes

As per reports, primary exertion headaches begin during or shortly after the provoking physical activity, and usually last seconds to minutes. With repeated exertion, the intensity may build and become longer in duration.

The Expansion Of Vessels Might Cause It

As per reports, when a person engages in physical activity, there is an increased flow of blood to the brain which also means that there is also an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide and heat that the brain has to get rid of. This can cause the blood vessels to stretch and this can cause pain.