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World Vitiligo Day: Home remedies that may help getting your skin tone back

Here, we tell you about some home remedies that can help manage vitiligo.

Written by Editorial Team | Published : June 25, 2019 2:09 PM IST


World Vitiligo Day is celebrated every year on 25th June with an aim to spread awareness about this skin condition. Vitiligo is a disease characterized by patchy loss of skin colour, whitening of scalp, and in fact change in colour of your eye balls. The idea of dedicating a day to vitiligo patients was given by Steve Haragadon, who is the founder of the Vitiligo Friends network. Then, it was finalized by Ogo Maduewesi, a Nigerian vitiligo patient who is the founder and Executive Director of the Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation. World Vitiligo Day was celebrated for the first time in the year 2011. This year, its theme is ‘The Quality of Life of a Vitiligo Patient’. Vitiligo occurs when the cells responsible for producing melanin (a pigment responsible for giving colour to skin) die or stop functioning. A defect in your immune system, family history, exposure to industrial chemicals etc. can cause this problem. Affecting people of all skin types, vitiligo can put you at an increased risk of developing psychological stress, skin cancer, hearing loss, eye problem etc. Skin biopsy can help doctors to find the underlining cause behind this problem. As far as its treatment is concerned, there is no way to stop the loss of pigment cells. However, certain drugs, products and some natural remedies can help restore some skin tone. Also, photochemotherapy, skin grafting, blister grafting etc. can help in this regard. Here, we tell you about some home remedies that can help you reduce your skin tone.

Red Clay

Go for red clay: Being rich in copper, red clay can potentially help in the treatment of vitiligo. To use it right, add a table spoon of ginger juice in the clay and apply on the white patches regularly.


Manage stress: Stress is known for worsening your condition. Therefore, it is advised to indulge yourself in activities that can reduce your stress level. You can do yoga, start socializing, and eat healthy. Also Read - Hair Fall? Avoid These Foods


Apply sunscreen: Harmful sun rays can help in the growth of vitiligo. So, stop exposing your body to sun. For that, apply sunscreen whenever you go out and wear long dresses.

Basil Leaves

Use basil leaves: Having anti-aging and anti-viral properties, basil leaves can stimulate production of melanin. To use it right, mix lime juice with basil leaves and directly apply on your skin.