Which of these 7 reasons could be causing constipation? (Gallery)

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Drinking Less Water

If a person drinks lesser water than required, the body uses it up quickly. In order to obtain more water to carry out necessary functions, the body absorbs water from as many sources as it can, and bodily waste is its first target, which leads to constipation. This makes the feces or waste product dry and difficult to pass out. To add to this, the slower the food passes through your intestine, the more water the colon absorbs from the food making the problem even worse.

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Sedentary Lifestyle

In today’s day and age where almost everything is computerized, a sedentary lifestyle has become the norm. The body relies on exercise for various functions like producing mucus (an essential fluid used to lubricate the anus) and to keep up its metabolic rate. When we are sedentary, the body metabolizes less, leading to constipation.

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Certain Medicines

There are some drugs that can cause constipation. These include antidepressants, calcium channel blocking drugs and diuretics (both are usually prescribed for hypertension and heart disease).

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During pregnancy, the drastic hormonal changes that a woman experiences could lead to constipation. Another known reason is the growth of the foetus which can put pressure on the digestive tract leading to slower passage of food.

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Constipation can also be a glaring sign that you are suffering from a bowel obstruction. When it is very severe and a person does not pass motion for days on end, it is known as ‘obstipation’.

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Milk Or Dairy Products

Some people suffer from a condition called ‘lactose intolerance’, a condition which occurs when a person is allergic to milk and milk products. This condition can cause either diarrhea or constipation.

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Controlling The Urge To Use The Washroom

Some people tend to control the urge to use the washroom. Although certain situations may warrant this, controlling bowel movements on a regular basis could lead to constipation. This is because when you control yourself faces moves higher up in the rectum and could lead to incomplete elimination.

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Causes Of Constipation

Think of those number of mornings when you struggled in the bathroom to pass stools. While being constipated is usually treated as a joke, the condition can be very uncomfortable for the person suffering from it. Derived from the Latin word that means ‘to press’ or ‘crowd together’, constipation is medically defined as a condition where a person has difficulty in passing motion or suffers from infrequent bowel movements.