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Which of these 6 health problems are ruining your sex life?

Not interested in sex any more? Find out why.

Written by Shraddha Rupavate | Updated : August 11, 2015 12:20 PM IST






Back pain: Looking at the kind of sedentary lifestyle people choose to live these days, back pain has become a normal thing. Although it may not affect your sexual function directly, it can be one of the biggest hindrance that can lower your interest in sexual life. Spine-related diseases like herniated disc and spinal stenosis can cause a lot of pain and interfere greatly with your ability to have sex. One of the studies revealed that 61% of respondents suffering from back pain avoided having sex. If you have mild back pain, better activate your spine not and maintain flexibility with regular exercise before it spoils your sex life.



Menopause: Women in their menopause may lose interest in sex owing to the drastic hormonal changes that take place. In this stage, women may lose their sexual desire, lower the frequency of sexual activity and even experience pain during sex. But instead of shying away from sex, proper counselling and treatment can help you regain a normal, healthy sex life.


Top 6 Health Problems Affecting Sex Life

Diabetes: High blood sugar levels can cause various complications, including sexual dysfunction. About 60-70% men suffering from diabetes experience erectile dysfunction during their lifetime. Diabetes interrupts the flow of blood to the penis and also gives rise to nerve-related problems. As a result, the nerves controlling erection of the penis do not receive appropriate signals. Also Read - 7 Symptoms of High Blood Pressure You Should Know


Vascular Disease

Vascular diseases: In men, erection is an important factor that determines sexual health. So, any condition that interferes with blood flow to the genital area can cause sexual dysfunction. So, diseases like high blood pressure and aterial hardening, which involve blood vessels has a direct impact on blood flow to the penis. It can cause erectile dysfunction in men and insufficient lubrication in women.