10 ways social media is harming your self-esteem

Check whether you have any of these symptoms.

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10 Ways Social Media Is Harming Your Self-esteem

Social media has become an inseparable part of your life. But it lowers your self-esteem too. Don’t agree with us? Check if you have any of these chronic signs of low self-esteem influenced by social media.

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You only smile when there are 100 likes on your profile picture.

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Profile Picture

You check your phone umpteen times after uploading a fresh profile picture. Less than 25 likes in the first 10 minutes are enough to make you feel gloomy.

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Your timeline is full of your selfies and pictures clicked at every nook and corner of any place you ever visited.

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You count the birthday messages written on your timeline more than the candles on the cake.

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Social Media

Your life is an open book on social media. Whether it’s a new restaurant you went to, or your maid took leave without informing you, everything is up there.

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Sad About It

Someone lost weight, got a new look and their pictures came up on your timeline. You think, gosh! Life is tough on you.

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Sarcastic Comments

You detest liking or commenting on other people's timelines about their promotion, birthday bashes or that new dream job. You feel jealous.

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Pictures of exotic vacations on anyone's timeline make you jealous, and you secretly cringe. So your comments on their timelines are sarcastic at times.

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Slave To Your Phone

One beep, you rush and grab your smartphone to check updates. If it doesn't beep for more than 15 minutes you panic.

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Sleeping With Phone

You can’t sleep without checking your smartphone and stay awake clutching your phone with your Facebook page open.