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Watch out for these symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

Written by Editorial Team | Published : February 21, 2019 6:49 PM IST


When a fertilized egg settles somewhere else in the body instead of the inner lining of the uterus, it leads to an ectopic pregnancy. This pregnancy never develops into a full-term pregnancy and if you fail to recognise it, this could turn into a medical emergency. The emergency caused due to the progression of pregnancy may force you to visit a hospital. However, there are various signs or indications available which can alert you about your condition. Abnormal pregnancy can cause severe pain in your genitals while urinating or passing bowel. Here, there are a few signs which can indicate that you maybe experiencing ectopic or abnormal pregnancy.


Abdominal pain: Initially this pain will not cause much trouble, but with each day, the pain will increase, and it will become persistent. Also, abdominal pain will occur on one side of your abdomen and it will sharp and severe. Also Read - Hysterectomies Can Put You At Cardiovascular Risk: Study


Dizziness: When you suffer from ectopic pregnancy, the possibility of fertilized eggs growing and leading to internal bleeding increases. The inside bleeding causes light-headedness or make you feel dizzy. This situation is linked with blood pressure level fluctuation and is usually a medical emergency situation.


Shoulder pain: Abnormal pregnancy can cause trouble for other parts of your body apart from your genitals. During ectopic pregnancy, you may experience sharp pain in your shoulder which can also be an indication of internal bleeding. The pain may become severe when you lay down.