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Top 9 natural remedies to combat symptoms of piles

Did you know rose petals, ice, jeera and durva grass provide effective relief against piles naturally?

Written by Bhavyajyoti Chilukoti | Updated : February 20, 2015 1:45 PM IST


Home Remedies For Piles

Piles causes the blood vessels present around your anus to strain for bowel movements leading to pain and swelling. Although they normally settle down after few days, use of natural remedies aid in relieving symptoms of piles and prevent its recurrence. Apart from drinking more water and eating fibre-rich foods, here are some home remedies to help you in dealing with piles.



Jeera: Dry roast some jeera seeds and grind them into a fine powder. Mix this powder in some warm water and drink this decoction every night before you sleep. After about three to four days you will find relief. This is because, jeera is rich in fibre and houses carminative properties that soften stools and thus, provide relief from symptoms of piles. Also Read - Arka To Jati: 10 Remarkable Benefits Of These Herbs And Leaves



Isabgol: Drink isabgol mixed in warm water every night or right before you go to bed. The fibres present in isabgol provide relief from anal fissures and piles by regularising and softening the stool.


Ice Packs

Ice packs: Ice acts as a natural aid to reduce pain, swelling and discomfort in the anus. All you need to do is lie in a comfortable position on your back and apply ice pack (or use ice cubes wrapped in a cloth) on the anal opening. Do this for a maximum time of 10 minutes, whenever you feel the pain. Also Read - PM Modi To Inaugurate Three National Ayush Institutes On Dec 11



Pomegranate peels: Don’t throw away pomegranate peels as they have tannins that help reduce inflammation of the intestine, swelling of haemorrhoids and tighten intestinal lining. Soak half-cup sun-dried pomegranate peel in water for 30 minutes. Now, add one teaspoon cumin seeds, three-fourth cup buttermilk and a dash of rock salt and blend all the ingredients. Drink this solution at least thrice a week to combat piles.



Durva grass: It provides effective results for women suffering from piles when taken in combination with yoghurt. Alternatively, you can crush 2 tablespoon of fresh grass and add it to a cup of cow’s milk and boil. Now, filter the solution and drink every day to get rid of piles within few days.



Radish: As radish or mooli has high fibre content, it helps clear the food stuck in your colon, thereby aiding in relieving pain caused due to piles. To reap its benefits, add a pinch of salt to 60 ml of freshly prepared radish juice, mix well and consume this drink twice a day for around 40 days to get rid of piles.


Rose Petals

Rose petals: Don’t be surprised, rose petals also act as an effective home remedy to treat piles. Take a fistful of rose petals (10 – 12) and crush them by adding 50 ml of water. Now, drink this solution for 3 days on an empty stomach (especially in the morning) to relieve symptoms of bleeding piles. Also Read - 'Strep A Infection' Kills 6 Children In UK: All About The Scarlet Fever