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Tips to pick fast foods for diabetics

Yes, people who have diabetes can eat pizza, burger and other fast foods. But READ this to know how!

Written by Editorial Team | Updated : December 28, 2016 7:08 PM IST

Diabetes Fast Food

Diabetics need to be very cautious about foods they eat, especially snacks. And this is the reason, why most people suffering from diabetes end up omitting fast foods as it's loaded with fats and carbohydrates. However, Amarjeet Singh Bhatia, Chief Medical Officer at Doctor Insta, a telehealth app, lists some fast food picks for people with diabetes that won't cause a surge in their blood glucose level.


Burgers: Instead of burgers with double or triple patties, go for single burgers. Also, one needs to keep in mind that you opt for chicken or veggie burger and stay away from red meat.


Pancakes: Pancakes aren't off-limits if you can use sugar-free syrup and go easy on butter. You can opt for whole-grain cereals as they can help stabilise blood sugar levels and are more nutritious as well.