Tips to keep your heart safe from air pollution

Follow these tips to protect your heart from the harmful impacts of air pollution.

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Tips To Keep Your Heart Free From Air Pollution

Air pollution is a reality today and has been a subject of much discussion recently. Several studies have demonstrated the association of poor air quality with diseases such as respiratory and heart diseases, making it a major public health problem of concern. Air pollution, and specifically fine particulate matter, is associated with increased cardiovascular disease mortality. It has emerged as a potentially modifiable risk factor for the development of CVD. Multiple observational studies have demonstrated an association between fine particulate air pollution (primarily from the use of fossil fuels in automobiles, power plants, and for heating purposes) and cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary mortality as well as an increased risk for the development of acute coronary syndrome

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Walk Or Cycle

Walk or cycle for short distance commutes or to the neighbourhood market. Plan and combine all your errands in one area or close by areas for one trip. Limit driving and make use of carpool.

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Use Public Transport

Use public transport as much as possible for longer distances. If you have to use your vehicle keep it well maintained for efficient functioning with regular servicing to reduce harmful exhaust emissions and get pollution check done as required. Follow speed limits. Avoid buying diesel vehicle.

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Avoid Burning Candles And Dhoop

Avoid burning candles dhoop or incense sticks at home or workplace.

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Quit Smoking

Quit smoking.

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Plant Trees

Plant more trees. Limit the areas of bare soil by growing grass to reduce the amount of dust.