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5 things only girls with heavy periods will understand

We don't bleed; we gush!

Written by Sandhya Raghavan | Published : November 6, 2017 10:53 AM IST

Heavy Bleeding

Periods for the common girl is just a few days of inconvenience. But for the heavy gushers, it is nothing short of a catastrophe month after month. Here are some things only girls who bleed heavily know.

Black Pants

Black or dark-coloured bottoms are your best friends and you have loads of them. With the fear of staining always looming large, you have to wear black bottoms all the four days of your periods.

Blood Wall

Every time you get up, you feel a warm waterfall between your legs. While girls with normal periods trickle, us heavy bleeders gush out of our orifices. There have been instances when the blood has literally trickled down the legs from the sides of the panties.


Periods are like warfare for us. You have to turn your panties into Fort Knox by lining it with multiple sanitary pads in different directions. And honestly, sometimes you have even thought of buying diapers.  Also Read - Dear Women, Go Ahead & Make Some MsChief