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8 symptoms of prostate cancer every guy should know

Pain during urinating should get you worried enough to see a doctor ASAP!

Written by Debjani Arora | Published : November 4, 2015 11:50 AM IST


Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer (1)

Prostate cancer is a silent condition and one seldom realises that they are suffering from it until it is too late. At times, the symptoms are so subtle and intimate and that men either tend to brush them off or avoid discussing them even with near and dear ones. However, it is important to know them to safeguard yourself.


Blood In Urine

Blood in urine: This is a warning sign. When there is a cancerous growth in the gland, it could damage blood vessels and cause bleeding. Sometimes, blood can also be spotted with semen during ejaculation.  Also Read - Pooping While Giving Birth? You Are Not Alone


Unable To Urinate

Unable to urinate: A tumor in the gland down there is most likely to interfere with the usual functioning like interrupting urination by pressing on the urethra.


Leakage Of Urine

Leaking urine: If the tumor grows aggressively it will start to block smooth passage of urine by pressing on the urethra. This could lead to leakage or dribbling off the residual urine, which can be embarrassing.


Burning Sensation

Burning sensation: Even with all your efforts if you are able to pass urine there is quite a fair chance that you might suffer from burning sensation or pain while urinating.


Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain: Pain in the lower back area is common for people suffering from prostate cancer. But this is usually brushed off. However, one might also feel pain in lower back during ejaculation or having an orgasm, which serves to be a red flag.