8 symptoms of meningitis we all should know

Did you know that headache, fever and vomiting are one of the common symptoms of meningitis? Read to know more,

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Symptoms Meningitis

Most often than not, we tend to ignore symptoms like fever and headache. But in reality, these symptoms could be an underlying symptom of a severe condition like meningitis, inflammation of the brain covering or tissue. And if left untreated or not detected at the right time, it can lead to severe brain damage. Dr Sudhir Kumar, senior consultant neurologist, Institute of Neurosciences, Hyderabad, sheds light on eight signs and symptoms of meningitis that everyone need to be aware of!

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Fever: Whether it is an infection or an injury, increase in the temperature is one of the most common symptoms. However, if it is associated with a severe headache, it manifests meningitis or infection of the brain. Also Read - World Retina Day: Preventive Measures To Manage Progressive Retinal Diseases

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Headache: Although fever and headache are also associated with migraine, if severe described earlier, severe headache, which remains for few days, when combined with high fever could indicate meningitis. Hence, if you are experiencing headache and fever for more than three days, it is wise to consult a doctor and rule out an infection.

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Vomiting: As the infection affects the brain and puts pressure on the normal functioning of the brain, in most cases, people experience nausea and vomiting. If this is followed by no thirst or decreased appetite, then it’s time to take it seriously. Also Read - World Lung Day 2022: All About The National Clean Air Program

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Sleepiness: If the covering of the brain that control consciousness and alertness are infected, then it might lead to decreased alertness or excessive fatigue, which might further lead to drowsiness or feeling sleepy all the time.

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Skin Rash

Skin rash: It is seen in some cases, in which the infection is either caused by the virus or meningococcal bacteria. It is mostly seen in adults, who are sexually active and occurs only in 30% of overall cases of meningitis. Whereas, infection caused due to pneumococcal bacteria, which is quite common (almost 60%) doesn’t cause any rash. Moreover, it is quite prominent in people with fair skin than those with dark skin. Also Read - World Lung Day 2022: All We Need To Do To Breathe Healthily

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Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity: Just like any other case associated with headache, people suffering from meningitis dislike lights as well and prefer staying in the dark. Hence, it indicates meningitis only when coupled with other symptoms of the condition.

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Confusion: If you experience difficulty in concentrating and confusion, headache then it could indicate an inflammation or infection of the brain or the tissue covering the brain, meninges.  Also Read - From Hair Damage To Smelly Skin, Swimming Can Have Unusual Effects On The Body

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Seizures: The severe cases of meningitis manifest as seizures or fits. It is mainly due to the bacteria or virus affecting the region controlling consciousness. In fact, unconsciousness is one of the common symptoms of meningitis which is often ignored.