9 symptoms of bladder cancer every man should know

Vinod Khanna was reportedly suffering from bladder cancer. Here are the common symptoms of bladder cancer.

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D&C-symptoms Of Bladder Cancer-THS

We don’t talk much about bladder cancer in men, however, according to Dr Anup Ramani, uro-oncological robotic surgeon; this cancer is way too common. One of the most common causes is the use of tobacco and smoking. Smoking and tobacco are two factors that increase one’s risk of suffering from this cancer. Here are some symptoms of the same:

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Blood In Urine

Blood in urine: This is unnatural as no man would pass blood in urine. Also, known as hematuria it is one of the common symptoms of bladder cancer and is usually not painful. So red spots on your undies or urine is a cause for concern; men listen up.

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Burning Sensation While Urinating

Burning sensation while urinating: This symptom could be very common with so many other conditions. But a burning sensation during urination along with pain while passing the stream could be an indication of bladder cancer.

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Passing Bits Of White Tissues In Urine

Passing bits of white tissues in urine: Small white discharge or tissues passing through urine is also a classic symptom of bladder cancer.

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Unexplained Weight Loss

Unexplained weight loss: Unexplained weight loss has a lot of conditions to trigger it, and a growing cancer in the bladder could be one of them.

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Lower Abdominal Pain

Pain in lower back: Especially, where the kidneys are located. Urinary tract problems can at times lead to pain in the abdominal area near the kidneys.

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General Weakness

General weakness: Fatigue is something that accompanies you when you have problems that are making your bladder take the maximum toll.

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Swollen Feet

Swelling in feet: While this symptom is most common in people with kidney diseases, it could also be a sign of bladder cancer.

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Recurrent UTIs

Recurrent UTIs: UTIs are not common in men. But if a man faces recurrent UTIs chances are he could be suffering from bladder cancer.

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Problems In Urination

Problems in urination: While this could be vague to conclude but with bladder cancer there are possibilities of suffering from painful urination, having a weak urine stream, wanting to urinate even when you have an empty bladder, urinating in small amounts frequently.