Switch to a natural deodorant, it can cause breast cancer

Stay aware of the everyday activities that are developing cancer risk for you.

Written by Shriya Sinha | Published : February 26, 2019 3:29 PM IST


Cancer tops the chart of being the deadliest disease worldwide. Therefore, it is rather inevitable to ditch the habits that can predispose and increase the risk of cancer cells in your system. While cancer proofing yourself is impossible, you can still be careful of everyday things that are creating a foundation for this deadly disease. Here other factors go far beyond than just consumption of alcohol and smoking such as your lifestyle, diet, usage of cellphones, and for that matter using your washing machine to dry your clothes. here we list a few such surprising things that can potentially increase your chances of developing cancer.


Using deodorant: Deodorants contain aluminum compounds that keeps you from sweating, this can possibly cause damage after being absorbed by your skin, changing the estrogen receptors and may result in developing the chances of developing breast cancer.  Also Read - Unlocking Transformative Benefits of Yogurt


Inhaling diesel or petrol fumes: If you are one of them who loves the smell of petrol or diesel then there is bad news for you. The fumes emitted by diesel or petrol engines are considered carcinogenic (potential of causing cancer) and therefore, is as damaging as a second hand smoke.

Plastic Water Bottle

Using a plastic water bottle: If you drink water from a plastic bottle, you might want to switch it to better alternative such as glass, steel or ceramic. Plastic beverage containers contain potentially harmful chemicals such BPA, a weak synthetic hormone that can spoil your body’s hormonal balance, increasing the risk of breast cancer.  Also Read - Fuel Your Mornings with These Under-15-Minute Breakfast Recipes


Prolonged siting: Sitting for long periods is as unhealthy as smoking for your health. If your job includes zero physical activity and sitting for more than 6 hours, then it can develop the chances of developing cancer. Therefore, always to take breaks in between to do some stretching, walking or running in between if possible as physical activity and exercise can reduce the risk of cancer.


Using your washing machine’s dryer According to a non-profit organization, Environmental Working Group, laundry detergent contains 1,4-dioxane, a chemical that can be cancerous. A solution to this is to use natural detergents.  Also Read - Common Ingredients that Can Harm Your Skin Over Time