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Smoking may increase your likelihood of developing leukemia

Written by Editorial Team | Published : April 14, 2019 2:06 PM IST


Leukemia (1)

A new research published in the journal Blood, has identified a stem cell protein called Asrij, that may potentially help find a cure for leukemia. It is a type of blood cancer that affects your blood and blood forming tissue, bone marrow. If you are suffering from leukemia, your bone marrow will produce abnormal white blood cells which will not function properly. This condition is characterized by fever, weight loss, easy bleeding, recurrent nosebleeds, excessive sweating, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, and bone pain. As these symptoms resemble signs of some common illness like flu, it is tough to self-diagnose leukemia. Scientists have not found the exact cause of this condition; however, they believe that a combination of genetic and environmental factors are to be blamed. There are few risk factors of leukemia, you must be aware of, in order to keep the condition at bay. Read on to know about them.



Smoking: Smokers have 40 per cent increased risk of developing this condition as compared to non-smokers.



Exposure to certain chemicals: Chemicals like benzene are linked to increased risk of leukemia. Benzene is formed from natural processes like volcanoes and forest fires. It is used in making plastics, rubbers, dyes, lubricants, detergents, drugs, and pesticides. Also Read - Yoga Asanas To Boost Digestion



Previous cancer treatment: Radiation therapy and chemotherapy increase your likelihood of getting leukemia as these rays are capable of making blood cells grow abnormally.