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National Nutritional Week 2018: Foods to avoid when you have a migraine

Avoid these foods at all costs if you have a migraine.

Written by Debjani Arora | Published : September 3, 2018 6:16 PM IST


Migraine Foods

If you are a chronic sufferer you definitely know your triggers. The triggers for migraine are quite tricky — it could be the smell; taste of any substance that can lead to a debilitating headache. For migraine sufferers it is essential that they stay away from their triggers and things that can aggravate their condition. Sometimes certain foods can make the pain worse. The underlying cause of migraines is unknown, but hormones, stress and dietary factors may play a role. While the role of dietary triggers still remains controversial but experts believe that staying away from certain foods is better, here goes the list:



Cheese: Some people are allergic to dairy products and might have adverse reaction to cheese long with a migraine headache.


Processed Meat

Processed meat: Around 5% of people with migraines may develop a headache hours or even minutes after consuming processed meat products. Experts believe that it is mostly because of the nitrates present in the processed meat.


Artifical Sweenteners

Artificial sweetners: A few studies have associated the artificial sweetener aspartame with an increased frequency of migraine headaches, but the evidence is unclear.



Chocolates: Anywhere from 2 to 22% of people with migraines report being sensitive to chocolate. However, studies on the effect of chocolate remain inconclusive.