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Know why milk thistle is good for your health

Written by Shriya Sinha | Published : March 1, 2019 5:08 PM IST


Milk thistle also known as bhat-kataiya, is a thorny plant which is used as a herbal remedy and is an important ingredient of the ayurvedic medicines. The seeds of this plant are responsible for exerting beneficial effect on your health. Milk thistle is made up of an important ingredient known as silymarin which a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agent is. Here are amazing health benefits that you should know about.

Skin Cancer

Protects against skin cancer: Milk thistle is mad up of silibinin that helps to protect you skin against skin cancer. It helps to treat cancer by eliminating the cancerous cells from your body and increases the expression of immune cells responsible for repair of damaged cells.  Also Read - Iron Deficiency And Mental Health: Is There A Link?


Great to relieve seasonal allergies: When consumed in combination with antihistamine medications, milk thistle is really effective in relieving symptoms of seasonal allergies. The anti-inflammatory properties of silymarin present in milk thistle is great for seeking quick relief.


Eliminates the treatment of mushroom poisoning: This medicinal plant is an effective treatment of deathcap mushroom poisoning (manita phalloides). The compounds react quickly in counteracting the toxic effects along with reducing the risk of death and liver damage.