Know about these health benefits of ajwain

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You must have noticed that whenever you had an upset stomach, you mother or grandmother hands out a few seeds of ajwain to and suddenly your stomach ache starts to disappear. This ingredient is found is almost every Indian household which acts as an effective natural remedy for various health related problems. You can boil few seeds of ajwain in water and drink that water to get instant relief from indigestion. Also, its inflammatory properties help you to boost your muscles that make up the floor of the uterus. During pregnancy, it also helps you to maintain blood circulation. Pregnant women are generally given ajwain with gud (jaggery) to enhance digestion. However, if any of your symptoms persist for a long period, consult with your doctor immediately. Here, there are some health benefits of ajwain which you should know about.

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Helps you to cure migraine: If you are seeking relief from your migraine pain, try burning or crushing a few ajwain seeds into a poultice. It will release essential oils which are high in thymol content that offers a pain relieving effect. Also Read - Prostate Cancer Awareness Month 2022: 4 Signs Of Prostate Enlargement

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Tackles earache: This generally occurs because of cough and cold or inflammation of your ear lobes. Its antiseptic properties make it the best home-made remedy to treat earache. Mix ajwain with garlic and sesame oil to get instant relief.

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Relief from asthma and cough: Ajwain contains thymol, which makes it a great local anaesthetic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial compound. It helps in reducing congestion which can occur due to formation of phlegm. You can crush a few seeds and mix it with jaggery and eat the mixture to get relief from asthma attack. Also Read - 5 Routine Habits That Impact Sperm Count Of Men

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Relief from hiccups: Ajwain helps you to reduce inflammation and soothes the irritated nerves. This property makes it a great remedy to stop hiccups instantly. Consume few ajwain seeds with water and see your hiccups vanish.